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Re: Initscripts - another idea worth a look

On 6 Jan 2003, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Jan  6, 2003, John Summerfield <phoebe computerdatasafe com au> wrote:
> > tar cf /tmp/etc -C / etc
> Hmm...
> # du -ks /etc
> 22640   /etc
> I'm not sure copying 22MB into a ramdisk before any service can be
> started would really help speed things up :-)  Not to mention the fact
> that it would require about 24MB of memory to be put aside for
> exclusive use of the ram disk.

Hmm. My /etc directories are not so well filled:

My desktop, Valhalla:
[root numbat root]# du -ks /etc
9740    /etc
[root numbat root]#

My server

[root gw root]# du -k --max-depth 2 /etc/ | sort -n | tail
220     /etc/rc.d/init.d
304     /etc/sysconfig
312     /etc/rc.d
432     /etc/squid
460     /etc/makedev.d
568     /etc/httpd/conf
572     /etc/httpd
692     /etc/cups
984     /etc/locale
6840    /etc
[root gw root]#

A little exploration and pruning. I do not need all those /etc/locale
subdirectories I see

> > Be aware you must umount /etc in rder to make permanent
> > configuration changes.
> Tricky.  Consider permanent configuration changes you may be barely
> aware of, such as those introduced by up2date.

Just umount /etc. You don't _have_ to keep it mounted. Besides, some
would see it an advantage to have /etc protected.

umounting also gets your RAM back.



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