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Re: mouse clicks?

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 20:20, Cory Bertsch wrote:
> I'm running phoebe (upgraded from RH8.0) on my Dell Inspiron 4000
> laptop. It has both a track pad and one of the ibm style pens you can
> use to move the mouse.
> I'm using the "Alps - glidepoint (p2/2)" mouse driver with "Emulate 3
> buttons" selected. Periodically when I'm moving the mouse the mouse will
> jump all the way across the screen or randomly right click. This happens
> when I use either the pen or the trackpad.
> I'm wondering if anyon has experienced this or know how I might fix it?
Not running Phoebe last time but heard it has something to do with gpm
running at the same time. Used to plague my Linux systems a lot in the
past (circa 1999). I normally resort to not running gpm in runlevel 5...


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