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WindowMaker no longer shipped? Why?


I noticed that WindowMaker lacks in the phoebe beta distro.

While GNU/Linux beginners generally do not use WindowMaker, lot of
experienced users do. And I was thinking that RedHat targets also
experienced users. WindowMaker is especially nice to run when starting
an X session on a server, where there's no special reason to install
500MB of graphical desktop.

The windowmaker RPM shipped with 8.0 RedHat release is not bigger than
1.9MB which is very few for a 6 CD distro.

So I searched through your website for an explanation. I only found
that confirm the situation but that does not explain the choice.

WindowMaker is no longer maintained, but it's still a mature
software, and I'm pretty sure that many people expect it in your next
release - or, at least, a similar software as, for instance, the less
mature (IMHO) blackbox or waimea.

Would you give an explanation?


Note: Can you add me in Cc: Thanks a lot!

Mathieu Roy
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