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RE: .journal file missing

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 17:48, Kevin McConnell wrote:
> --- Todd Booher <Todd netronin com> wrote:
> > I knew they were hidden but an 'ls -a' doesn't show
> > one on my 
> > install logged in as root in the / directory.  How
> > else can you
> > view them?  Mount shows it's an Ext3 file system I
> > just wanted
> > to be sure the journal was created and this is one
> > way to be
> > sure.
> I believe that you can see them using the chattr
> command. man chattr. I believe you can also use e2fsck
> to see the name of the journal file.

Which ext2 chattr attribute are you referring to?  "lsattr -a" does not
show the /.journal file on a freshly-created ext3 filesystem, and the
man page you reference does not list any attributes that hide files. 
There is an attribute "j" that controls how file data is written to the
journal, but this is unrelated to the attributes of the journal file

As already mentioned, dumpe2fs will tell you if there is an entry in the
superblock for the journal inode.  There is no such entry if there is no


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