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are Psyche/Phoebe GNOME config files compatible?

If I have a dual-boot machine that contains both Psyche and Phoebe,
can Psyche and Phoebe share the same /home partition (and thus the
same GNOME configuration files) successfully?

I would expect that Phoebe can tolerate using GNOME files
(e.g. ~/.gnome2) that were last written to by Psyche, because that's
going to be a very common situation encountered during upgrades.

But if I run Phoebe, and then boot back into Psyche, then GNOME under
Psyche will be looking at config files that were last mucked with by

Will this matter?  I.e., will GNOME under Psyche freak out if I try to
run it after the GNOME configuration files were mucked with by Phoebe,
or will GNOME under Psyche (more or less) cope with whatever Phoebe
does to the GNOME configuration files?

Thanks for any input...

James Ralston, Information Technology
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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