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Re: My Fondest Wish For Phoebe: Fix Gnome-terminal!

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 09:20:03PM -0500, John P Verel wrote:
> While I am not running a beta box for Phoebe, let me express my fondest
> wish for 8.1, which is to have a properly functioning gnome-terminal
> back on my machine. gnome-terminal-2.0.1-5, from Psyche, is just sooo
> broken, as noted in bugzilla.  The two show stoppers are that it crashes
> when maximized and it does not support repeat scroll in anything
> approaching a decent fashion.

The crash was fixed ages ago. I don't know what repeat scroll is.

> Also, when running ssh in it, I get all measure and sort of erratic
> behavior that I can no longer use it, but have reverted to xterm.

I haven't seen this sort of stuff. Of course, I've been using
something newer than Psyche for a while. There are oceans of fixes
since Psyche.

> Please?  Havoc???

It's really mostly up to Nalin. ;-) He is generally very good about
fixing stuff though, you just have to report it in some way that makes
it reproduceable.


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