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Re: are Psyche/Phoebe GNOME config files compatible?

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, James Ralston wrote:

> If I have a dual-boot machine that contains both Psyche and Phoebe,
> can Psyche and Phoebe share the same /home partition (and thus the
> same GNOME configuration files) successfully?
> I would expect that Phoebe can tolerate using GNOME files
> (e.g. ~/.gnome2) that were last written to by Psyche, because that's
> going to be a very common situation encountered during upgrades.
> But if I run Phoebe, and then boot back into Psyche, then GNOME under
> Psyche will be looking at config files that were last mucked with by
> Phoebe.
> Will this matter?  I.e., will GNOME under Psyche freak out if I try to
> run it after the GNOME configuration files were mucked with by Phoebe,
> or will GNOME under Psyche (more or less) cope with whatever Phoebe
> does to the GNOME configuration files?

I think it probable that man people will want to do as you do. Consider
a business, large or small, using Linux and sharing /home between

I for one do this, and it means I can use any computer on the LAN
(subject to installed software), and have the same desktop & settings.

In my experience, going forward to new releases, particularly with
Gnome, is problematic.

A business that uses Distro-Linux on its workstations would be imprudent
to go from one release of Distro-Linux to the next without some
evaluation, and during that evaluation people, some will want to go back
and forth between the new and old releases.

Back in the time of the transition from RHL 5.x to 6.0, this was not
possible. I used 'switchdesktop" on 6.0 and found my 5.x system was
unusable until I did some repairs.

One bitten, forever shy, I regard it as too hazardous to try again.

Even worse, moving ~/ from one location (such as /var/local/users) to
another (such as /home) is not possible. Much software, OOo included,
evaluates ~ (or $HOME) once and stores the computed result everywhere
forever more.



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