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Re: WindowMaker no longer shipped? Why?

On 07 Jan 2003 02:53:00 +0100
Mathieu Roy <yeupou gnu org> wrote:

> > Well RH is certainly not maintaining it.  Over 50% of the root menus 
> >were for programs no longer included in 8.0.  
> No, I understood that Kojima almost gave up. The latest release was
> about a buffer overflow.
> >   Personally I think they need to provide a lighter window manager
> >like blackbox.  I was installing 8.0 on a system with 20M of memory
> >the other week.  I couldn't run gnome or kde at all.  I had to spawn
> >X without a wm, and download blackbox from freshrpms.  (Well actually
> >I installed apt, and then apt-get install blackbox.)
> I disagree. Blackbox works only alone, not correctly with GNOME/KDE
> apps. Blackbox is not easy to configure. Blackbox lacks lot of
> features (menu with shortcuts, i18n). Blackbox is unmaintained since a
> long time ago.
> Also, blackbox take only about 200 KB RAM less than wmaker, according
> to my own test.
> Note also that RedHat distros does not longer install on box with less
> than 32 MB RAM.
> Note: please add me in Cc

There is another point: maintaining a WM has cost in money and resources (eg keping track of
bugs and security holes).   How many boxes used for _serious_ use have 20 megs?   One in thousand?   Would it be better to use the resources on, say, a better installer?


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