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the logistics of beta release management

  probably slightly off-topic, and not a specific RH question
so much as a general beta software issue.  for those who are
software developers and themselves release beta versions for
testing, i'm curious:

1) if you release more than one beta in a row, what's your threshold
   for deciding when it's time for a next beta?  clearly, you 
   might still have bugs coming in for the current beta, but at
   some point, after a certain amount of patching/fixing has
   been done, you eventually have to make a decision to release
   the new and improved version.  what factors into that decision?

2) once you release a new version, how completely do you ignore
   the previous beta?  given that it's not an official release and
   you have no obligation to provide support for it, are you 
   at all interested in even *getting* feedback for the 
   now-obsolete beta?  do you even want anyone testing it 
   any more?  and is so, why?

3) once the new beta is out, what do you do with the unresolved
   bug reports from the previous beta?

just curious.  feel free to suggest that there's a better forum
for this.


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