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Re: the logistics of beta release management

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Michael Schwendt wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Jan 2003 10:19:02 -0500 (EST), Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > 2) once you release a new version, how completely do you ignore
> >    the previous beta?  given that it's not an official release and
> >    you have no obligation to provide support for it, are you 
> >    at all interested in even *getting* feedback for the 
> >    now-obsolete beta? do you even want anyone testing it 
> >    any more?  and is so, why?
> Of course. Bugs found in the previous beta may still be reproducible
> in subsequent beta releases.

on the other hand, they may not, and you end up expending resources
managing bug reports for a previous beta that isn't really relevant,
and for which actual bugs don't exist in the newer version.

let me put it another way -- once a new beta comes out, in 
an *ideal* world, anyone who was interested in being a beta
tester would drop that older version completely, and move
on to the new version.

in short, once a new beta is available, i don't see any
compelling reason why there would be interest in continuing
to do *anything* with the older version.  minimally, i
would think testing the older version should be actively

and to take a hard-line approach, it's not clear that bug
reports from the older version should even be accepted
anymore.  anyone who's serious about being a beta tester
should be willing to move on up to the new version and
continue testing there.  sure, that's a draconian approach,
but it seems that it would make life *way* simpler all

just my $0.03 (Cdn)


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