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Re: libcrypto.so.4 and libssl.so.4 problem with xchat

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 10:29:26AM -0500, Vallimar wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Frank Jacobberger wrote:
> > So in sheer move of desperation I tried to just install xchat, but:
> > 
> > error: Failed dependencies:
> >         libcrypto.so.4 is needed by xchat-1.8.11-2
> >         libssl.so.4 is needed by xchat-1.8.11-2
> > 
> > No I don't think it's ok to use --nodeps
> RedHat update the .so version level for openssl-0.9.7
> You can either install it and recompile everything,
> or install it and symlink the so.2 -> so.4 for libssl
> and libcrypto.  Until you get all your other packages
> updated.  I don't believe the external api has been
> changed as to break backwards compatibility so this
> should be safe.

Don't do that.  The soname has been changed again precisely because the
ABI has changed [1], and applications which haven't been recompiled with
the new version's headers won't work properly with the new version of
the library (if you're lucky, they'll fail to load due to unresolved
symbols, otherwise they'll appear to have new bugs or just crash,
apparently at random).

>                  I believe there is also a new compat
> openssl version with the so.2 library as well that you
> can install side-by-side.

As you suspected, the openssl096b package provides these shared
libraries.  You can expect dependencies on the libraries in the
compatibility package to slowly disappear as affected packages get
recompiled, either as a side-effect of being rebuilt to fix bugs, or
merely to remove the dependency.



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