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Re: Sawfish limitations with GNOME 2

jensknutson yahoo com (Jens Knutson) writes:

> > Now this big complex growing thing is dependent on the whims of
> > others. This is an idiotic situation. You can't just say 'write your
> > own'!
> No?  Funny, I thought that very premise was one of the basic underpinnings
> of Free Software, "If you don't like it, here's the source, feel free to
> write your own!"

This is another situation. The classical Free Software way to extend stuff
by writing new code was reverted in the Gnome1 -> Gnome2 transition. In
Gnome1 there was a lot of useful stuff (e.g. a combined clockmail applet,
a battstat applet showing the remaining time, a mixer applet showing the
current volume, cpu-/swapload applets which can be configured separately
and especially a powerful windowmanager). Nothing of these things are in
Gnome2 anymore; most of them were dropped to make it easier for Windoze
users to work with GNU/Linux.

There is no need to write new code for Gnome2 because it was/is in
Gnome1 already. Gnome2 may contain some interesting ideas, but
regarding functionality it is a step back.

> If you don't like how Windows acts, you haven't got much of a choice,
> have you?  At least with Free desktops, and with GNOME and Metacity in
> particular, you have stuff like libwnck, to create projects to extend
> WM functionality with programs like Devil's Pie.

This functionality existed in sawfish1 already where you can write new
modules with its Lisp-dialect.

> > Metacity is a good beginning. Now it should be taken up and developed
> > further by the whole Gnome community and become an essential part of Gnome.
> > 
> > It isn't a question of 'featuritis'. Some things are just plain missing.
> There are things missing from Metacity?


- viewport support
- different placing methods (e.g. first-fit-or-interactive), magnetic
- easy/powerful configuration with a programming language (e.g. load
  certain parts of the configuration from files depending on the current
- matching windows support (placing windows in certain workspaces/viewports,
  giving special attributes like stickyness, no borders, ...)
(- a nice appearance; this may be a RH issue because they are using
   AA-fonts which are looking extremely awfully. To hide this flaw,
   larger fonts are used which are wasting very much place.)

> Metacity's a good thing.  Ever had it crash on you? Ever been utterly
> confused by its configuration dialog?

Then add an expert/novice button toggling between a confusing configuration
dialog for experienced users and a crippled dialog for users coming from

> On the other hand, as Havoc mentioned somewhere on this thread, you
> might wish to check out Openbox: http://icculus.org/openbox/

Yet another windowmanager...

Let's see what the upcoming E17 can do. Because it takes some effort
to keep Gnome1/sawfish1 running with RH 8.0+ and Gnome2 will never met
my needs probably, it may be time to throw Gnome from the desktop


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