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won't print; mozilla locks up

I'm running phoebe as an upgrade. I'm trying to print to a locally attached epson 890. printconfgui works fine. I can print the test pages. Mozilla, however, just looks up completely. It not only doesn't print, it freezes. Freezes so much that I ned to reboot to kill it. Neither kill not kill -s 9 work. I can get out of X, but moz is still there:

[root amd1900 root]# kill -s 9 1133
[root amd1900 root]# kill -s 9 1169
[root amd1900 root]# ps -aux | grep moz
root 1133 0.1 4.8 45572 25016 ? D 13:02 0:02 /usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1/mozilla-bin
root 1169 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? Z 13:02 0:00 [mozilla-bin <defunct>]


"cat text.file | lpr" works, and shows up in the epson 890 queue in print manager.

gedit, however, doesn't. It does lock up like moz, doesn't complain, just prints a blank page. In fact it prints the correct number of blank pages!!

print preview on gedit shows a blank (FWIW print preview on moz shows the page)

My guess we're in some kind of font mess. When I start gedit from the terminal I get a series of messages like:

(gedit:8030): GnomePrint-WARNING **: Can't create GPFontEntry for LucidaTypewrit
er-Bold because the extension could not be recognized (.pcf)

FWIW I'm not using Lucida.

kate works. so it seems a gnome/moz thing

I've updated the print/font stuff from rawhide. No change.


thanks for any help

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