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Change "DOS" to "Win32"


Back in Limbo beta we had this discussion about finally changing the default "DOS" label with "Windows". This of course is a legal gray area due to "Windows" being a Microsoft trademark. Someone else had the idea that "Win32" may be more generic, but it was too late to change because RH8.0 documentation was already printed by this time.

The "DOS" label certainly would not be true of 99.999% situations today. Almost no systems that ran DOS are even capable of installing Red Hat Linux today. I only ask that the label be changed or something less misleading, less confusing.

I just checked the US Patent and Trademark Office database and unfortunately "Win32" is also trademarked by Microsoft, so perhaps that wouldn't be usable either.

Despite this, I still think we should have *something* other than "DOS" as the label. Even "Other" would be more accurate than "DOS", although we can probably think of better and more specific names.

I would propose "Monopoly!" but Parker Brothers may sue...

Just my two cents.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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