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Re: gnome menus: good work, Havoc!

On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 04:13:16PM +0100, Kenneth Rohde Christiansen wrote:
> I like the new theme a lot too, except the stock icons. 
> Since I am not the only one, maybe it would make sense for Red Hat to
> make a Wonderland metatheme containing everything from Bluecurve except
> the icons and the stock icons. 

Once the theme capplet works properly (jrb is hard at work fixing it),
it should be trivial to select "Bluecurve" and then change icon theme.
May even work now. The problem is that stock icons don't yet come from
the icon theme, but I hate to create a long-term
impossible-to-explain-in-non-technobabble interface change (add
"Bluecurve-no-stock-icons") to work around that. Better to just let
people hack around it for a bit (edit Bluecurve/gtk-2.0/iconrc) and
implement plans to make stock icons come from the icon theme as soon
as we can.
> Also, is it yours intention to create new icons for the GNOME Games,
> because the theme defaults to the old GNOME 2.0 Game icons and not the
> new ones included in GNOME 2.2

Does GNOME upstream ship both? Or have we just not upgraded the
relevant package?


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