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Re: Graphical interfaces (was Re: Sawfish limitations with GNOME 2)

> I really think Metacity is a good and decent window manager, which also
> has the advantage of having been developed with interoperability and
> integration in mind. I'm just a bit disapointed because I haven't found
> all my personal habits implemented, and they'll probably never be. So be
> it, anyway "le mieux est l'ennemi du bien" as we say in France ("better
> is the ennemy of good").

I've been watching #Linux no Undernet-people testing Phoebe for quite a
while now, and keybindings is what annoys people the most (after
UTF8-"bugs"). People are used to using ALT+Fn for switching to workspaces
efficiantly -
^ALT-rightmouse,^ALT-rightmouse,^ALT-rightmouse,^ALT-rightmouse is
annoying if you're used to having ALT+F4 instead, and switch a lot between
workspace 1 and  4.

This is just a default configuration, I know... but it seems the default
configuration is increasingly designed for mouse usage, not efficiant

And what the *** happened to ALT+leftmousekey to move windows around? Is
it possible to activate it again? And why has it been removed?

Andreas-Johann Ulvestad
Nixia Labs || Knowledge Network Norway
Tel +47 23 40 03 60 | Fax +47 23 40 03 61

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