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Wishlist for RH8.1

I know we are in Beta testing now, but these are what I would like to
see at least as an option in the final.

Mozilla/Galeon with gtk2 support ? now stable since mid-december
(would have been before but there was a nasty plugins bug affecting

Abiword gtk2 ? far superior to abiword 1 (better import, xft2, table
support, merge support)

Gnumeric gtk2 version

Gaim/gftp gtk2 versions

Devilspie ? solves a lot of the moans about configurability of

Mergeant (gnomedb frontend) ? the missing piece of the office jigsaw.

All of the above are pretty stable and are being actively developed,
and as important fit in perfectly with the gnome2/bluecurve desktop

Fix bluecurve so that icons show up by default
Show home icon on the menus, as in stock gnome2

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