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Re: Tux Racer: "stuttering' (Logitech Optical Wheel) mouse

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Elton Woo wrote:
|        Ok. But this would mean that I have to use the nVidia
| kernel, rather than the current one (which works for me)?
| I don't mind installing the driver, but I have "cold feet"
| WRT mucking around with the kernel....
|        ... and if so, dummy instructions, please? (offlist,
| since IIRC, this topic must have been discussed already.).

You can compile it manually to have it work with any kernel (comprehensive
docs are located at NVidia's Linux download site). I've noticed the same
thing using a Pine TNT2-M64 card. The XFree drivers are 2d only. Once you
get the NVidia 3D driver going, you're goin pretty good. I'd suggest a
resolution < 1024x768 for the game though if you want smooth frame rates.

At any rate, this probably isn't worthy of filing a bug report.
- -Rick
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