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out with the old, in with the new

Well after my recent foul experience with psyche (see psyche list for
details).. I re-installed my primary workstation to phoebe.. I did a
fresh install of "everything" .. and I need a new hard disk :) this 6GB
root is not gonna work for much longer :))

I downloaded the whole rawhide/i386 .. and installed every package that
was newer than one I currently had (or at least newer than like Dec
19ish ... I had ABSOLUTELY ZERO PROBLEMS during the install (other than
the fact there were sooo many packages.

I did make sure to upgrade glib* and rpm* in the same transaction.. and
only installed the athlon and athlon-smp kernels (not i586 i686 or
smp-i686) ... it tried to default to booting the old phoebe kernel in
grub (fixed this). 

After upgrading to rawhide and a reboot... its is MUCH faster... is this
ntpl?? or was there a specific problem with the phoebe kernel?

I lost my "translucent" mouse ... in base phoebe, I could "see through"
my mouse to the text that was behind it.. which by the way is pretty
cool.. I hate the shadow.. it needs to burn in hell, but the see-thru
mouse was neat. whenever it went over a window it couldn't "read" for
whatever reason, it turned red... after the reboot to rawhide, it is
staying red all the time. (searching for red mouse doesn't narrow things
down too much since "redhat" is in every single email message ;) ... the
evil demon shadow is still there... but the cursor is red :) I am using
the "generic" nv driver for my Nvidia GF4 Ti4600.. and it works fine
(unless this is what is causing the red mouse). I have not tried any 3d
type stuff yet.. what is a good test?? tuxracer??

Mozilla-XFT: I like the way it makes webpages look.. but the menubar and
address bar are harder to read than the old one ;)

Anyways.. I need to go play in the snow.. I have been sitting here all
day :)

Tommy McNeely <Tommy McNeely Sun com>
Sun Microsystems

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