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Re: Phoebe beta of Red Hat Linux has been updated

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Tom Coady wrote:

> M A Young wrote:
> > It was a separate channel when I looked last night, so you might need
> > to download and update the redhat-release package before it works.
> When I try to do it via ftp install I get an error message:
> The Redhat Linux installation tree in that directory does not seem to match
> your boot media.
> If this means that the stuff on the ftp site differs from my disk I'd have
> thought this would always be the case. Is there a way to overide this?

What I meant was that if you install the redhat-release package for
8.0.93 by hand then up2date should see the 8.0.93 packages.

If on the other hand you want to do an ftp install/update, you will need
an 8.0.93 install floppy or CD disc 1. The new boot.iso burnt onto a CD
should work as well.

	Michael Young

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