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Re: IBM JRE crashes

Dave Reed wrote:
On Tuesday 21 January 2003 21:27, Gordon Messmer wrote:

Using the Pheobe kernels, IBM's JRE crashes on startup.  I'm
guessing that this is due to the NPTL changes, but I'd like to find
out.  Is there any way to disable NPTL via an environment variable
or other simple change that would confirm/eliminate this

The JRE works if I use the kernel from 8.0 on Phoebe.

Read the Phoebe Release Notes for a fix/workaround.


The release notes says the following: - Thread handlers registered with pthread_atfork are not run if vfork() is used - no manager thread

Known applicationss with problems with NPTL include:

- IBM JRE prior to version 1.4.1

- Sun JRE prior to version 1.4.1

If an application does not work properly with NPTL, it can be run
using the old LinuxThreads implementation by setting the following environment variable:


       NPTL support in the kerel can be disabled for the entire system
by using the following boot-time option:


However the latest Java 1.4.1_01 JRE from Sun still crashes quite often. (Notice the "prior to" part.) The LD_ASSUME_KERNEL workaround workaround seems to work for me in this case.


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