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Phoebe and CrossOver Plugin 1.2.0 beta2


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Subject: Re: [Beta] Announcing CrossOver Plugin 1.2.0 beta2
Date: Friday 24 January 2003 06:05 pm
From: Francois Gouget <fgouget codeweavers com>
To: hetz kde org
Cc: beta codeweavers com

Hi Hetz,

Hetz Ben Hamo wrote:

> If you guys at CodeWeavers don't hate me by now - here's a reason to do:
> Crossover Plugins 1.2 DOES NOT work on phoebe (well, it's actually phoebe-2
> but Redhat didn't bother to issue press releases - so make sure your ISO's
> are dated Jan. 18th at least - it's called Red Hat 8.0.93)

Yes, we tested with Phoebe 1 and unfortunately the glibc changed again
in Phoebe 2. What's even worse is that the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL does not
work at all with that glibc and that it is unlikely to work again in
future releases.

Apparently glibc is undergoing major changes in the area of thread
handling and in how it handles errno & co, and is switching to a model
which is incompatible with Wine, be it CrossOver Plugin, CrossOver
Office, WineX or regular Wine.

There are discussions currently on the Wine development list as to how
to deal with this but no solution has been found yet. So anyone who
depends on any flavor of Wine should not upgrade to RedHat 8 Phoebe (or
the upcoming SuSE 8.2) until a solution is found.

Francois Gouget
fgouget codeweavers com

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