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Re: my cursor is POOPING all over evolution

I already filed a bugzilla on this issue.

As a workaround you can try the "vesa" driver, which seems to work fine
on my NVidia GeForce 4. The disadvantage of using the "vesa" driver is
that you'll lose some of the acceleration features of the open-source
"nv" driver.

But if you want to stay with the "nv" driver, I've had some success with
the option :

Option      "XaaNoSolidTwoPointLine" "on" 

This option seemed to fix the pixel mess for me in Evolution, but not
Mozilla. Maybe you'll have more luck with this option than me.


 - Peter

Op zo 26-01-2003, om 08:51 schreef Tommy McNeely:
> If I am typing something... then use the arrow keys to scroll back or up
> or down, the cursor leaves little lines between each character (it poops
> wherever it has been) and sometimes even on the end of the line as it
> wraps (ok every time) ...
> It appearantly does the same thing in Mozilla... 
> I am running the standard free nv driver on a gforce 4.. and I just ran
> up2date to get to phoebe2 (from a mix of phoebe1 and rawhide)
> Tommy
> -- 
> Tommy McNeely <Tommy McNeely Sun com>
> Sun Microsystems

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