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Re: Phoebe2 install report

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Jack Bowling wrote:

> 2nd order of business was to run "chkconfig --list | grep on" and kill
> the processes I didn't need or want - a whole 13 of them in my case.
> If this release is aimed at the desktop newbie crowd, RH is going to
> have to turn off a hell of a lot more services. Either that or ensure
> a fascist firewall is installed by default. Perhaps anaconda could be
> tweaked to ask some leading questions such as: "Will you be using NFS?",
> etc. and have the radiobutton response trigger the appropriate links
> in init.d.

I have a serious problem with LOKKIT: I use NFS, and LOKKIT gives no
help at all for configuring a firewall that works with NFS.

It's not all that critical in my environment; at home there are only
three users - the Summerfield family, and when I connect home to the
Internet it's via my office LAN and I'm behind two firewalls.

At the office there are more computers, but one user.

For LOKKIT to be useable for those using NFS, it has to be able to allow



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