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A couple of questions regarding LogWatch (kernel-section andpam_unix section of LogWatch)

I got this from LogWatch today to my mail:

--------------------- Kernel Begin ------------------------ 

WARNING:  Kernel Errors Present
    I/O error: dev 08:01, sect...:  1Time(s)

 ---------------------- Kernel End -------------------------

According to that some device is doing i/o error, this is hardware-error
is it not? How do i tell wich device?

And another thing.
This is an upgrade to the Second beta from a full install of RedHat 8.0,
now in the LogWatch it says:

--------------------- pam_unix Begin ------------------------ 

   Sessions Opened:
      (uid=0) -> news: 1 Time(s)
      (uid=0) -> root: 9 Time(s)

 ---------------------- pam_unix End ------------------------- 

My question now is, why -> news 1 times? What is making this?
It seems like this is made to make me paranoid :)
I dont recall having any news-program/server running before the upgrade
to this second beta. Since i did a full install of 8.0 i do belive i
have the some news-program installed, but i dont think they where
running before this Beta.

I rely would like som response to the i/o error. It might just be that
this is my Digital Camera that i some times mounts at /dev/sda1. Maybe
my brother just pulled the usb-plug, but i *DO* want to make sure its
not my linuxdisk.

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