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Re: lvm or software raid or both??

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Tommy McNeely wrote:

> ** there are a couple questions here, so bear with me **
> I thought LVM was something new, so I would try it.. but it appears to 
> only be able to do a raid0 concat... ie no redundancy.. is that a 
> limitation of the installer or LVM? I used software raid instead. The 
> way annaconda keeps re-arranging the names of the "member" partitions is 
> annoying... where did the FDISK option go?? :p

LVM does not address the same problems as RAID.

LVM is good for managing disk space (he says, trying to recall what he's
read). For example, you can combine several physical volumes (or
partitions) into one. You can add to the LVM volume later. I've also
read you can do a proper snapshot backup of an active filesystem; it
writes changed data "somewhere else" during the time the backup's being

t's legitimate to use both, and many people will choose to do so. RAID
addresses reliability and performance, LVM addresses usability.



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