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RE: menu editing needs testing

Installed the new gnome-vfs and then replaced the default-module.conf
as instructed below.  Then proceeded to create two new folders
and Settings) and dragged various other items in to those folders.  The
icons moved but they lost all of their contents (ie, there are no games
listed no in the menu after the games heading).  This is reproducible.
If I copy the item instead it keeps the contents intact.

- adding a menu item works
- deleting a menu item works
- moving a menu item works... but it loses all it's contents
- copying a menu item works and keeps the contents
- don't have kde installed
- menus appear the same
- no crashes so far

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I wrote a patch to gnome-vfs, so that in gnome-vfs 2.2.0-5, menu editing
can be enabled as follows:

 cd /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules
 cp default-modules.conf default-modules.conf.no-editing  cp
default-modules.conf.with-new-vfolder-method default-modules.conf

Then you must restart nautilus and the panel (killall nautilus; killall
gnome-panel; should do it)

At that point you should be able to browse to applications:/// in
nautilus and edit the menus. 

Please test that:

 - adding menu items works
 - deleting menu items works
 - moving menu items works
 - copying menu items works
 - if you do the above as root, it does not break 
   menus for users who log in and use KDE
 - the menus do not appear differently with the editable backend 
   vs. the current default backend
 - report any crashes seen

If anyone (or hopefully multiple people) can confirm each of the above
points that will argue in favor of enabling the editable vfs backend by

Editing applications-all-users:/// when logged in as root probably
works, but probably breaks KDE menus. So, I would not do that.

Thanks to anyone who has time to help test this package.

2.2.0-5 probably isn't on the ftp site yet but will be soon, hopefully.
In the meantime I'll drop a copy at:


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