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Re: Firewall config tools, formerly wqPhoebe2 install report

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Jack Bowling wrote:

> ** Reply to message from Tommy McNeely <tommy mcneely sun com> on Mon, 27 Jan 2003 18:25:46 -0700
> > IMHO LOKKIT is worthless.. it needs re-written from an iptables 
> > mentality, instead of a port that just s/ipchains/iptables/g... start 
> > with a -P DROP ..and work from there sort of thing.. allowing in certain 
> > ports like it currently does.. but for nfs, that may be difficult... 
> > related/established *might* work for nfs.. will have to try from my 
> > laptop .. but forgot to allow ssh... so thats gotta wait for a while.
> RH should just license Firestarter and stop all this nonsense.

Nah. I just did a deps check. It wants Gnome, and that's not ideal for a
firewall or server system.

Anything else with a TUI? Maybe, maybe, a web interface (must look at



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