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Re: Can't install 8.0.93. No problems with 8.0.92, 8.0 and 7.2

On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 20:36, Agon S. Buchholz wrote:

> Tyan Tiger MP S2460, BIOS 1.05, 2x Athlon 1900MP (@1600 MHz), 1024 MB 
> RAM, Matrox Millennium G550, Dawicontrol DC-2980 U2W, Soundblaster Live, 
> HDD, FDD, CDD, DVD. I let Memtest86 run for approx one day without any 
> errors. Microsoft W2k runs fine on the board, for what it's worth.

I have a tiger S2460 with athlons 1800MPs 512MB Ram, with a Nvidia
geforce 2MX card, and sblive. I'm just using the onboard IDE and I dont
know the bios version off the top of my head. rh7.3, RH8 and both
phoebes installed and run fine on it..or i should say they run fine on
it after i took care of a lingering overheating problem.  

This blasted board is an overheating nightmare.  And after my experience
last summer tracking down the overheating problem (which i still don't
think i have resolved, but mother nature as graced me with the coldest
winter here in a decade so its not longer a pressing issue). i wouldn't
trust the fact that winxp runs on it as a proof there isnt an
overheating problem. If you don't have lmsensors working for this board,
I would suggest trying to set it up and watch the cpu temps like a
hawk..i started seeing lockup problems when cpu temps got above 55C .
Though setting up lmsensors for this board is a non trivial task.  But I
have the sensor init c code that will initialize both monitering chips
and the alternative sensors.conf file that uses the correct voltage
sensor calculations, both gleamed from the Tyan bugtickets from the
lm_sensors projects buglist, if you need them.  Then again it might be
something specific to yer combination of hardware.  All I can say is, I
haven't had a problem installing any version of redhat from 7.3 through

The only other issue I know of with doing installs is trying to do one
without a mouse, which a previous list message said has been fixed post
8.0.93 (whatever that means...since its hard for mere users like me to
test that if there isn't an iso for me to try out with the fixed


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