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Re: Can't install 8.0.93. No problems with 8.0.92, 8.0 and 7.2

On Tuesday 28 January 2003 10:07 pm, Jef Spaleta scribbled in crayon on a 
yellow legal pad:
> This blasted board is an overheating nightmare.  And after my experience
> last summer tracking down the overheating problem (which i still don't
> think i have resolved, but mother nature as graced me with the coldest
> winter here in a decade so its not longer a pressing issue). i wouldn't
> trust the fact that winxp runs on it as a proof there isnt an
> overheating problem.

I have a Tyan MP2466 dual proc motherboard. Heating and instability were a 
problem until I was able to use a kernel with ACPI support, but it is stilla 
little flaky. My advice is to sell it to a Windows XP user and get a better 
board. That's my plan as I'm still not happy with mine.


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