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Re: Cant view as audio in Nautilus using beta2.

Kent Nyberg wrote:
I just looked at a screenshot from Gnome2.2 and saw that i forgot the
fact that Nautilus can view folders containing music as a specific
music-folder and play the music in there.
Using Beta 2 i dont get any "view as music" option in my Nautilus when i
am in a folder with mp3's and ogg's, how come?
Is there something i missed? I could understand if the mp3's wont be
played, but i should be able to play the oggs, shouldn't i?

I tried both ogg and mp3's with nautilus-2.2.0-1 and both play fine.

It is the first time that I opened the file manager in Phoebe. It looks a lot more attractive.
and the CDDB for looking for the latest Ethernet card. (You wouldn't be connected) Belay that too. It must have been one of those MS days.


We give advice, but we cannot give the wisdom to profit by it.
		-- La Rochefoucauld

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