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Wireless Networking Problems?

Title: Wireless Networking Problems?
Dear Phoebe Patrons,

I have recently installed Phoebe RedHat 8.0.93 beta2 on my IBM ThinkPad
A30 with an IBM High Rate Wireless Lan PC Card.  RedHat 8.0 automatically detected my wireless card as a Lucent Orinoco Agere, but for some reason under Phoebe, it's not detected at all.

So, I manually added it to the hardware list in the Network System Settings as a Lucent Orinoco and Prism II-based PCMCIA wireless (eth1). I have a built-in Intel100 Ethernet port as eth0 which works fine and was detected automatically. But the wireless still doesn't work.

I don't even get a little green light on the card which indicates that it's receiving power from the PCMCIA port. I know the PCMCIA ports are working correctly though because the system beeps when I either put the card in or take it out. However, The hardware browser sees the card as an "Intersil PRISM2 11 Mbps Wireless Adapter" but that card is not an option in the list of possible wireless hardware devices when you add a new adapter.

Anyway, is there some way that I can configure this wireless card by manually editing the /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts or am I out of luck as is claimed on the website?


I looked in the /etc/modules.conf file to make sure the proper alias existed:

    alias eth1 orinoco_cs

AND... I also made sure the /etc/pcmcia/config had the proper settings, which they did. I don’t know what else to do.  HELP!

Best Regards,

Adam Scarcella =)

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