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Re: RHL 8.0.93 on Tyan Tiger MP S2460

Warren Togami wrote:

[ athlon4 1.2G notebook runs much hotter under Linux than under WinXP ]

Any recent notebook will because Linux doesn't yet have a working ACPI kernel by default. There are two ways to run cooler and save power while in Linux for Athlon processors.

I thought the function of ACPI was to (a) manage system resources like IRQs and (b) manage power consumption *when idle*; does ACPI manage anything power-related when the system is under heavy load? What I'm experiencing currently is that Windows XP runs even under heavy load *significantly* cooler (5-10° C) than any *idle* Linux (including Debian GNU/Linux Woody/ Sarge/ Sid, Knoppix 3.1, and Phoebe).

The instability of Phoebe on my SMP system is definitely temperature related, but can the lack of ACPI support in current kernels really be the reason for this?

Second question: What's different in Phoebe (kernel 2.4.20 and...?) compared to Psyche? RHL 8.0 was a bit unstable running on the same hardware, but it was installable and quite usable; Phoebe is -- without opening the case, chilling down the room temperature for almost 10°C and adding more fans -- neither installable nor usabale at all...

However, im currently installing Phoebe 8.0.93 disc 2; installation runs smoothly, but it's gettitng a bit cold in here ;)

Greetings, -Agon

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