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RHL 8.0.93 on Tyan Tiger MP S2460: additional cooling necessary

Jon Burgess wrote:

I think the linux kernel tries to play it safe and doesn't do
anything particularly special to reduce the Athlon power consumption.
There are a number of hardware registers which can be used and people
have tried using them, but they can sometimes cause system
instability if the power supply can not handle the rapidly changing
current demands or if chipset errata are not allowed for.

Yes, but what has changed from Psyche to Phoebe that makes 8.0.93 uninstallable on the same hardware on which Psyche could be installed? Has ACPI support been removed from kernel 2.4.20??

However -- Phoebe currently installs just fine; I've opened the case, chilled down the room temperature and pointed an additional fan directly towards the mainboard (to be exact, the fan blows onto the RAM). The temperature measured by two Thermaltake Hardcano sensors has now dropped from around 40° to 18 and 21°C.

Greetings, -Agon

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