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Re: RHL 8.0.93 on Tyan Tiger MP S2460

Warren Togami wrote:

What power profile are you running in Windows XP? You may be permanently in a mode that runs the CPU clock at a lower speed. Try changing it to "Always On", use 100% CPU and watch temperatures. Do they climb higher?

No, I'm running a "always on" configuration (in German called something like "constant operation", and no hybernation, only the monitor is switched off after 15 minutes. On this SMP machine I've even ran two CPU burn-in tests at the same time with high priority last summer, with both CPUs constantly running at 100% for several hours, and *without* freezing.

However, the Red Hat- system is stable now with additional fans and Phoebe 2 seems really great (imho a lot better than Psyche), but I'll definitely have a look at ACPI support and lm_sensors module for the Linux kernel.

Greetings, -Agon

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