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Re: Betas and Subscription Questions

Yes, that helps alot Mike!

The one question I have now is, how do I sign up for the free subscription? I couldn't find it on the RHN.


Dan Diephouse

Mike Chambers wrote:

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 13:10, Dan Diephouse wrote:

1. Does the subscription apply to betas? ie, can I use up2date fore phoebe, or is it only for final products?

Up2date is used for official and beta. The beta one is either turned on or off, depending on if Red Hat does/wants to release errata for it or not, or tell folks to use rawhide or such.

2. I did not buy the beta obviously, so do I need to pay the $60/yr for the subscription? I have read in places that users get one free subscription, but I have a feeling this only applies if you buy a boxed product.

You get one free subscription to Red Hat Network no matter what, and can
use it for official or beta releases.

3. What are my other alternatives to upgrade if up2date doesn't apply to betas?

There is no way to upgrade betas using up2date (cept there may be workarounds, like updating redhat-release or something and pretending it's the next beta, but not sure if that works). Actually, there is no way of upgrading official releases using up2date either, unless you try something like above. Up2date is used for getting out packages that have security issues, major bug fixes and the like, not for upgrading (least yet anyway).

If you want to upgrade an official release, use the CD's, NFS, FTP,
HTTP, kickstart or whatever to upgrade or install a new fresh OS.  For
betas, upgrading isnt' supported at all, unless you upgrade from an
official release, to a beta.  Beta's to beta isnt' supported at all and
should always be clean installs unless it's from an official release.

Does that help?

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