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Re: Sendmail update

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Brian Ashe wrote:

>I'm perfectly happy rolling my own, but would have liked to see
>RH be proactive on this. Even a beta release, while during the
>beta period, should be properly supported. Once the final comes

Beta releases are indeed not 'supported', at least not in the
context of us providing bug fixes and/or security updates in any
timeframe or at all until the final release.  They are only beta
tests and should not be used in any production machine for day to
day work where data integrity and high levels of security are
required.  They should not be used on any machine containing
important or mission critical data.  The installer warns of this,
although I do not recall the exact wording.  It's the first thing
you see when installing however.  Perhaps we should update the 
installer screens to be much more specific, or to include a 
paragraph of terms to accept before installing the beta or 
something to ensure users know what they're getting into by 
installing a beta.  Just an out-loud thought....

When someone decides to test a beta release, they do so realizing 
and accepting the risks involved.  If those risks are not 
acceptable to them, as much as we would appreciate them testing 
our beta releases, perhaps they shouldn't be if the risk is too 
great for them.  (IMHO)

We do not have the resources to support random beta releases, or
the large number of packages that pass through a given devel
cycle.  We support only finalized OS products, and while security
fixes do get into rawhide as they come up over time, we
explicitly do not guarantee that rawhide is secure, nor our beta

Rawhide packages at any given point in time should be assumed to 
be unstable and insecure, since there is no QA done on them, or 
very little until the final release of the OS.

>out, who could care less. Unless they only want these betas
>tested in closets with no network access.

Each person doing beta testing needs to guage the risks involved 
in doing so, and decide if beta testing a beta OS is going to 
expose their systems and networks possibly to data loss and or 
vulnerabilities that are potentially likely to exist in the 
daily/weekly random snapshots.

If one can't accept those risks, they should use only our stable 
released OS products for all networked systems.


Note: The above are my own personal thoughts/opinions, and does
not necesarily reflect the opinions of Red Hat Inc.  I speak only
for myself.

Mike A. Harris     ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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