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strange fsck stuff

I have had a hard lockup where I could ping the box but could not login remotely. I did a reset and agreed when asked to run fsck. fsck seemed to complete but FAILED and required that I log in and run it manually but when I did it just said the drive was clean so I did 'reboot' but this hung when it got to 'killall' forcing me to reset again. Of course, upon rebooting, I was again asked if I wanted to check the drive for errors which I declined wanting to avoid an endless cycle of fscking. Is this a new mechanism to force rebooting after running fsck that I have misunderstood?

I have one other oddity along the same line maybe; during bootup I always get a big red "FAILED" when it comes to updating fstab. I moved this drive to a different controller after the install and manually edited fstab to reflect the changes, everything works so I do not understand where the error is.

Anyway, minor stuff :)


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