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Re: redhat-config-packages (il)logic?

--- Jef Spaleta <jspaleta princeton edu> wrote:

> Either lock down the gui package installer, so its
> smart enough to know
> what is and is not a redhat package, and will
> prevent you from
> installing 3rd party packages (without some coaxing
> atleast, i shouldnt
> just be able to right click in nautilus and install
> an rpm from a random
> location, if package security is really something
> Redhat wants to make
> an issue that up2date is there to solve). 
> Or have the Remove/Install package view be smart
> enough to know what
> isn't a redhat package (okay well not in the
> redhat-rpmdb maybe) so that
> all the oddball packages users have installed with
> r-c-packages are
> atleast listed somewhere (like an new "OddBall
> Package" catagory)

I vote for the latter.  I would really like to see the
gui package installer have the ability to show *all*
installed rpms and the ability to uninstall *any*
installed rpm (ok, except for maybe base rpms).

Sort of like good ol' gnomerpm or kpackage...

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