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Re: MPlayer?

Shame that mplayer will never make it into the redhat distro, and setting it up will remain a chore, with all of the licencing issues involved. mplayer in basics already uses mp3 codec's, and is able to extend to decrypt-CSS libs (for dvd playback), reversed engineerd external api's and don't even think about how not law-abiding it is that they offer win32 codecs for download from there site (even if the codec is free to use, your not free to re-distribute them). In other words it would be a can of worms if redhat touched it ;-)

That being said, it is a very high quality player (it's core is being used for a linux based XBox media player).

Personaly, i have a deep love for Totem (http://www.hadess.net/totem.php3) which is a gnome 2 front end for the xine-libs (http://xine.sourceforge.net/). It intergrates very nicely with redhat's gnome 2.2 desktop. If you like intergrated looks as much as me, give it a try ;-)

-- Chris

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