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Re: KDE autorun

Michael Fratoni wrote:
I uninstalled autorun now I get an error dialog every time KDE is
started about not finding autorun. Isn't that something that should
be taken care of during the uninstall proccess?
To make the error stop, remove ~/.kde/Autostart/Autorun.desktop
>>>A one line pre or post uninstall script would do
>>>the trick: find /home/*/.kde -name Autorun.desktop -exec rm {} \;
You are joking aren't you?  Why do people keep making suggestions like
this that would clobber users' settings and affect more than just the
local machine in a networked environment?

Well you do both have a point. Obviously removing every file, of whatever type, from all users is always a bad thing considering home could be nfs mounted or shared.

But it is also a very good point that a desktop complaining about things being broken is a bad, bad, bad thing[1] (yes, thats three bads)

I gues a few good solutions could exist:

1) Patch KDE to offer a dialog box along the lines of
	"ABC" failed to run,
	do you want to remove this program from your startup?
	[Yes] [No]

2) As (1), but instead of removing it, add a checkbox "Don't show this again" and add a 'startupfail=silent' flag to the .desktop file if that is checked

3) Patch KDE to automaticly remove the autorun entry if it is not on disk anymore

To me it would be more important to not have a seemingly broken setup presented to the user, so number (2) sounds the best to me, it preserves the file for other machines which share the home dir but do have the app, but won't give you an error everytime kde starts up, while retaining the functionality of warning a user that something could be wrong.

Joshua: I would sugest filing a bug in bugzilla about this?

Ps, cc'ing kde-devel list since i'm not quite sure if this is a up- or downstream issue

[1] Reminds me of bad device driver uninstalls and windows95.. *shiver*

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