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Re: Release Date

James Wilson csm com au wrote:
Does anyone have a tentative release date for 8.1?

Well the official statement will tell you that it will be released "When it's ready", no sooner and no later.

Also redhat will never pre-anounce the name of the disto. So release name and even release number (they could choose to call it 'redhat 2003' or 9.0) are not set/published untill release time.

If you are into reading tea-leaves, then there's always a few signs that could hint at pending releases:

- The release schedule so far has been folowing a pretty consitent schedule, so you can make an educated gues

- When rawhide stops carying a lot of updates (tree is in constant motion upto release moment, but at tree freeze it slows).

- Or the other way around, if a lot of experimental packages show up in rawhide again. This would indicate the rh engineers have time again to experiment (ie: their release packages have been frozen)

- Directories on redhat mirrors start showing up, or become locked

- Beta's show up at relative consitent schedule's to, if there's a long period of no updates, this could also be a sign

But as mentioned, the best you can do to gues the release schedule is to consult tea-leaves, consult with your deity of choice, or date a redhat engineer.. other then that, it's anyone's gues

-- Chris

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