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Re: Installing from CDROM via PCMCIA

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 06:08, Brian McGurk wrote:

> Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
Not sure if this applies..since you didn't say if you are using a floppy
bootdisk (but even if you aren't...this floppy bootdisk method might be
yer solution)

From the release notes:

Installation-Related Notes Section 
  While most present-day computers are able to start the installation
  process by booting directly from the first Red Hat Linux distribution
  CD, some hardware configurations require the use of a boot diskette.
  If your hardware requires a boot diskette, you should be aware of the
 following change.

 Red Hat Linux 8.0.94 uses a different boot diskette layout than
 previous releases of Red Hat Linux. There is now a single boot
 diskette image file (bootdisk.img) that is used to boot all systems
 requiring a boot diskette.

 If you are performing anything other than an installation from an IDE
 or USB device, you will be asked to insert a driver diskette created
 from one of the following image files:
       - drvnet.img - For network installations
       - drvblock.img - For SCSI installations
       - pcmciadd.img - For PCMCIA installations
 As with previous releases of Red Hat Linux, these image files can  be
 found in the images/ directory on the first installation CD.


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