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Re: get cd icon twice, get panel twice part 2

My guess is that your cdrom is detected twice. I only see one ICON on the
desktop, but mine is identified as two different devices. One is correct
and the other one is useless, but it is created regardless of what I do to
eliminate the ICON.
Are both ICONs referring to the same name for the disc label? If so, what
are the properties for each ICON?

Do both of them refer to the same mount point?

I like the automount feature and the ICON. I dislike the out of the
ordinary ICONs for xmms, mozilla, etc. They are too "blues clues" for me.



Michael wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> nobody seems to have the same problem like me :( anyway it's a little
> bit anoying to erase cd icons all the time.
> firstly, can somebody please tell me which files are involved when the
> panel starts. where are the configuration files for the panel??
> secondly, i read that magicdev is responsible for the automount of a
> cdrom. but i can't find a man page or any other description about the
> program.
> so i also need to know, which files are responsible to draw the cd icon
> on the desktop. where can i find more about magicdev???
> thx
> by Michael
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