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Re: Phoebe-beta3 Login failure

Raymond Lillard wrote:

> I just downloaded phoebe-b3 and installed it on a
> server system I will be taking hot in a few weeks.
> When presented with the choise of systems and packages,
> I chose "Server" type and "All" packages, after which
> the install process seemed to proceed normally.  After
> completion of the install, I rebooted the system and
> now cannot login.
> On the odd chance that I mis-remembered the root passwd
> supplied during installation, I rebooted to single-user-
> mode and set the root password.  After exiting single-
> user-mode, the problem persisted.
> Two questions:
> 1. What's up?
> 2. I went to the RedHat mail-list archives and couldn't
>    find an archive for phoebe.  Does one exist and I'm
>    not clever enough to find it?
> Thanks,
> Ray
> --

I have had problems with choosing everything in the past. The main thing
is with all the language packages that it puts on your system. They are
a bear for program removal or updating. I've also had dependecies errors
before with everything chosen.

I had a similar problem with the login recycling. It was either when I
used apt-get and used RH8 as my current release, then typed the "yes, I
really want to do this. prompt.

i would only choose server, then other packages that you want also to
include. I chose server, then KDE, GNOME, mc, lynx, festival, a few
databases etc.

I think that when you chose everything. It tried to install all the 1400
pieces. some of them might have interdependacy problems. It was fine
during the one CD distribution days. but for 3 CD installations, It is
probably not a good thing to do.


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