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Re: CDR problems continued.... [was Sendmail update]

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 21:21, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

> Since mixing ximian broke RH 7.3 also, I will try to upgrade to later
> cdrecord packages fist. Meet and note the required programs for upgrading
> cdrecord, if any. Then worry about upgrading the GUI portion.

It's a thought...and you will have to recompile packages to get them to
work on 7.3. I'm not in a position to test this myself though...I'd have
to have a rh 7.3 box handy with a burner....and I'd have to see the
original problem.

> When I burned the CD with cdrecord on phoebe3 with phoebe3 up2date programs.
> The CDRs fixated burned without errors. Both cdrecord outputs looked similar.
> However,  when I tried to read the phoebe3 discs on my laptop. They hunted
> and never initialized correctly.

hmmm...well they boot on the box you burned them didn't they?
When you burned them...what burn speed did you use? Did you try burning
them at the slowest speed?

> When I burned a disk on 7.3, it passed the media check alright. It however
> did not bring up the X server.
> With disc burned on RH8.0, they booted alright, failed the media check. They
> also outputted errors to screen 4 during the error, busy, resetting, illegal
> boundaries messages that were presented on the screen. The RH7.3 disc did not
> do this.

Okay you've confused me...I don't know how many different OS/hardware
combinations you have tried burning on...and using the burned disks
with.  can you give me a simplified matrix to indicate to me what you
have tried, and the results
			tried to boot
              		Processor	Processor
			Ram		Ram
			laptop/desktop	laptop/desktop
tried to burn on      |		       | 	
Rh Version            |		       |
Processor	      |	installer boots|  disc will not boot
Ram		      |	but hangs      | 	
laptop/desktop	      |	mediacheck okay|
cdrecord settings     |		       |	
RhVersion             |		       |
Processor	      |	etc....	       |	etc.....
Ram                   |                |
laptop/desktop        |                |
cdrecord settings

-jef"and yes i want that in ascii...no openoffice spreadsheet
attachments...my prefered email client for reading the phoebe list is my
3com audrey"spaleta

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