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Re: CDR problems continued.... [was Sendmail update]

Jef Spaleta wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 21:21, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:
> > Since mixing ximian broke RH 7.3 also, I will try to upgrade to later
> > cdrecord packages fist. Meet and note the required programs for upgrading
> > cdrecord, if any. Then worry about upgrading the GUI portion.
> It's a thought...and you will have to recompile packages to get them to
> work on 7.3. I'm not in a position to test this myself though...I'd have
> to have a rh 7.3 box handy with a burner....and I'd have to see the
> original problem.

The original problem showed up when I tried to burn discs for phoebe1. They failed
to work o my laptop. After talking with people on our local columbus LUG. Someon
mentioned that it might be a bad burner.

Then I tried the phoebe1 discs to install onto my desktop. They left me without a
GUI upon completion. These discs checked out alright on the desktop,

Someone on the colug list mentioned that there should be a new phoebe version
coming out and referenced the phoebe-list. That is when I joined the phoebe-list.

Other CDRs failed for me with RH8, I burned discs for SuSE demo, Mandrake and a
few audio discs. These were burned at 2 x speed and a few at 4 x speed..

At that time, I was believing that the problem might be with my laptop cdreader.
Only later, after hearing about the problems that others were having with disc
burning did I think about trying the OS that burned my last usable discs for the
laptop. It was RH7.3.

> > When I burned the CD with cdrecord on phoebe3 with phoebe3 up2date programs.
> > The CDRs fixated burned without errors. Both cdrecord outputs looked similar.
> > However,  when I tried to read the phoebe3 discs on my laptop. They hunted
> > and never initialized correctly.
> hmmm...well they boot on the box you burned them didn't they?
> When you burned them...what burn speed did you use? Did you try burning
> them at the slowest speed?

2 times and 4 times speed. My burner is an acer model. I haven't upgraded the
firmware or anything yet.

> > When I burned a disk on 7.3, it passed the media check alright. It however
> > did not bring up the X server.
> > With disc burned on RH8.0, they booted alright, failed the media check. They
> > also outputted errors to screen 4 during the error, busy, resetting, illegal
> > boundaries messages that were presented on the screen. The RH7.3 disc did not
> > do this.
> Okay you've confused me...I don't know how many different OS/hardware
> combinations you have tried burning on...and using the burned disks
> with.  can you give me a simplified matrix to indicate to me what you
> have tried, and the results
> example
>                         Hardware

laptop reader
desc: "TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-1602B"
desktop burner
Acer CDRW 12 x 8 x 32

>                         tried to boot

Rh7.3 discs boot and media check alright on both machines.

>                         Processor       Processor

processor       : 0
vendor_id       : GenuineIntel
cpu family      : 6
model           : 5
model name      : Pentium II (Deschutes)
stepping        : 0
cpu MHz         : 233.291
cache size      : 512 KB

800 MHz coppermine Pentium III

>                         Ram             Ram
>                         laptop/desktop  laptop/desktop

laptop RAM = 64 megs
Desktop RAM = 512 Meg

> Hardware
> tried to burn on      | Acer 12 x 8 x 32               |
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Rh Version            |     7.3           | 8.0, or later
> Processor             | installer boots|  disc will not boot

both versions boot. RH7.3 passes media check. RH8 or later fails check.

> Ram            64 meg hangs on X initiaizing       | but hangs      |
> laptop/desktop        | mediacheck okay|

7.3 laptop OK / desktop OK
8.0 laptop fails / desktop OK

> cdrecord settings     | 2 x, 4 x               |
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> RhVersion             |   7.3             | 8.0 or later
> Processor             | etc....    800 MHz Coppermine, (Same machine, different
> RH versions)    |        etc.....
> Ram                   |                |
> laptop/desktop        |     No recorder  for laptop         |
> cdrecord settings
> -jef"and yes i want that in ascii...no openoffice spreadsheet
> attachments...my prefered email client for reading the phoebe list is my
> 3com audrey"spaleta

This is a pretty pokey laptop. I hope inline is good enough.


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