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Re: CDR problems continued....

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 16:21, Matt Wilson wrote:

> There is one more issue that has been fixed.  Many people reported
> hard lockups during burns.  We found that this was happening on SMP
> machines during the IDE bus reset (that was being caused by the party
> described above).  This lockup has been fixed.
> We've found one more IDE bus reset lockup on SMP machines, but I
> believe we're still having some problems finding the root cause of
> that.

Okay i have an smp box running beta...and i saw a hard lock once with a
burn....once as in i couldnt reproduce it. Is there any point in me
trying to hardlock my smp box at this point tracking this lockup down?
Any process i should step through to find that IDE lock.
I am seeing unresponsivenesss during cd fixating..which is probably the
IDE issue 1 or 2 in yer list rearing its ugly head.  

-jef"willing to sacrifice his fantastic 3 hour uptime statistic for the
sake of identifying the remaining smp IDE lockup"spaleta

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