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Re: keyboard layout switch in gnome.

first at all: excuse my english.

are you playing with setxkbmap?

a problem that I've noted switching kb layouts in gnome:
gnome apps need to be restarted to obey new kb settings. When I use
setxkbmap, xterm and other apps get the new config, but gnome-terminals
need to be closed (all) an started again. 

El dom, 09 de 03 de 2003 a las 13:16, Pavel Rozenboim escribió:
> Hi,
> I need to use russian and hebrew language as well as english on my box. I'm
> using Gnome keyboard layout switcher to switch keyboard layouts. For some
> reason, when I switch to hebrew, I have to hold right Alt to enter hebrew
> characters, without it I still write english. When using KDE, language
> switching works fine.
> Also, after I switch to hebrew once, CapsLock and NumLock keys won't work
> until I log out.
> Any ideas how to fix this? I tried to play with /usr/share/xmodmap files but
> I'm still unable to fix it. What is the difference between KDE and Gnome
> keyboard switchers?
> Thanks,
> 	Pavel.
Ricardo Ariel Gorosito <rgorosito fibertel com ar>

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