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Re: NVIDIA patches to run it on phoebe/rawhide kernels

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On Mon, 9 Mar 2003, Jarod Wilson wrote:

> I had a very elegant solution to this whole nVidia kernel driver issue.
> I bought a Radeon 9000 Pro. :)
> Admittedly, I think it is the first ATI card I've purchased since I
> bought an 8MB Rage Pro in '97, juxtaposed to the 10 or so nVidia cards
> I've bought since then, but hey... To me, it was worth the cost,
> especially since I don't do any gaming on this machine (I do that on
> another machine running XP). Rather than spend countless hours trying to
> hack nVidia's drivers to work with each new kernel, I've got all that
> spare time for other endeavors. Like compiling ALSA drivers (takes a
> while, even on my dual Athlon MP 2000)...
> Though for some, the extra expense of a new video card isn't the best
> use of funds, and/or the hacking might be welcome. A bit of hacking is
> fun, but I'd rather be working on something that's paying the bills...
> To each his (or her) own.

But now that you mention it, how IS the 3d performance of that card using
dri in linux? I'm close to purchasing a new card myself, and since the 900
get's Mike Harris seal of approval I'd consider this one if the
performance is acceptable. :) thanks

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